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What stirs your imagination in to action? Words are powerful. When hypnosis is mentioned what does your mind's eye conjure up? Think about hypnosis as a dream like state in which the possibility of change becomes more available. The dictionary defines hypnosis as "an artificially induced state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind become more accessible"

Hypnosis can be used to learn to release anxiety, break unwanted habits e.g. smoking, nail biting, fear of public speaking controlling pain, and enhancing performance in sport.

Contrary to popular myth, under hypnosis people are in control. The hypnotherapist acts merely as a facilitator and the client will reject any suggestion that they do not consider appropriate.



During a hypnotherapy session, a client can become relaxed and more focused on their thoughts. A relaxed mind and body can bring the client to feel at ease and in a safe environment, yet still be fully aware mentally.