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A new start for Dolphin Clinic, Tuam

Dolphin Clinic is a healthcare clinic specialized in pain relief and physical therapy aimed at improving health conditions and recovery. Its founder and main practitioner, John Newell, can add one more item to his list of achieved goals, a new website that carefully reflects the nature of the clinic and the importance that John gives to caring for his clients.

The new website, which can be found at, , was designed and developed by Efficacy Ltd., a web development company based in Galway, Ireland. The developers understood the need to build a website that represents the care and professionalism that Dolphin Clinic operates with when dealing with clients. So the current design was custom built to provide potential and existing customers alike with an informative platform, where they can document themselves on sports injuries, recovery methods and therapy sessions conducted at Dolphin Clinic.

The website features a dedicated contact form, which can be reached at, where interested clients can contact John Newell and directly schedule a therapy session either in Tuam or Dublin, according to their location, with helpful directions inserted and updated Google maps.

As a retired Garda member and competitive athlete himself, having completed a marathon at the age of 50, John Newell understands the need for a dedicated clinic to muscle and bones injuries and conditions, that could work with each individual based on their own health condition and willingness to recover. "Willing to get better and setting this as a positive goal is the first step towards a healthy state.", said John. As such, the website features exclusive information in a compact framework regarding the ways to receive quality healing treatment.